BABY MATCH or Don’t kill him, give that child to me!
If you’re pregnant...If you don’t want your baby...If you´ve thought about abortion...Don’t kill them; give them to me!

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If you know of a woman who does not want her child and wishes to abort, try to convince her to bring that child to me. I will love them and will see in them a sign of God’s love. Mother Theresa, upon being granted the Peace Nobel Prize (Oslo, December 10th, 1979).

A few weeks ago, just as Mexico City legislators were about to legalize the act of killing unborn children while in the womb, my family gathered for dinner and we talked to every one of our children, young and older ones, for they were all overly concerned about the matter.

I explained to them how this is not a problem happening just in Mexico City, but that the same was about to happen in Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and, well, basically all of Latin America and in Latin countries in Europe. We´re talking about a well thought out and structured international agenda, which goal, based on Gramsci´s strategy, is to lead to the demise of Christian Families.

It was then that my husband, always wise and sensible, reminded us of God’s goodness, and of how He always finds a way to make something good out of any bad. He was sure that we, as Catholics, would be able to make something good out of all of this, and said:

- If Mother Theresa was alive, and someone was to interview her on the matter, seeing how abortion is being legalized in so many countries, what do you think she would say?

Immediately, I answered:

- Mother Theresa would have said what she always said: “Don’t kill them, give them to me.”

Mother Theresa is no longer in this world for us to hear her say it, but we can say it on her behalf... Why not?

Would any one of you be willing to take a child in, just to keep him or her from being murdered by their mother?

I would. This doesn´t mean I have unlimited resources, or an extremely large home, but... In order to care for and educate a baby it is not necessary to have great financial wealth or ample spaces. In order to take in a child, what you need is not room in your house, but room in your heart.

How many babies can fit into the Planas family home? Not a lot, for our space is rather limited (we live with our nine children in a 2,700 ft_ home). Maybe we could take in ten of them, or fifteen, or twenty at the most, but... How many babies do you think could fit in the homes and hearts of all the Catholics that log into every day? Millions and millions of them!

The Church has hundreds of institutions working on behalf of pregnant women, with hundreds of shelters for orphaned children and hundreds of pro-life organizations, and there are millions of Catholic couples hoping to adopt a child. I´ve also met many Catholics who would be willing to at least offer financial support for the caring of these babies.

That is why I decided to launch this campaign through

Don’t kill them; bring them to me!

I’ve seen the success that campaigns such as “single-match” or “Catholic-match” have had for single young men and women looking to find their "better half" through the Internet and build happy marriages.

This campaign could be called “Baby-match”, for the goal is to use the Internet and pair unwanted babies with couples willing to take care of them, educate and love them.

My goal is not for to turn into an Adoption Agency, nor do I wish for the adoptions to be carried out through the Internet. Each case is to meet their respective country´s legal processes(*), but this could be a good start for establishing a bond between those in need of help and those institutions who could possibly offer that help.


If you know of an institution that could help us,
Sign them up!

If you’re willing to take in or help one of these babies, in order to keep it from being aborted...
Sign up!

If you’re a couple willing to adopt a baby...
Sign up!

But, most importantly:
If you’re pregnant...
If you don’t want your baby...
If you´ve thought about abortion...

Don’t kill him, give that child to me!

Lucrecia Rego de Planas

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